As it became known, the resident of the American city of Prudenville from Michigan won almost $18.5 million in the lottery. Such a win is incomparable even with large casinos such as Avalon78. According to UPI, the 61-year-old American had been buying lottery tickets regularly since 1991 and putting the same set of numbers in them. After years of trying, during the drawing of the next lottery draw, the fallen values finally matched those entered by the player.

According to the lucky man, after the failures he repeatedly thought about changing the familiar combination, but each time again and again specified it. Checking the results of the next draw in the evening, the man could not believe his eyes. He double-checked the information more than 10 times until he was convinced that he had indeed won the super prize. As the winner said, he still can’t realize that he became the owner of such an impressive sum, and he is very glad that he decided not to change the set of numbers he had chosen a long time ago.

To collect his winnings in person, the winner came to the office of the lottery operator. The American decided to receive the entire amount at once. After paying all taxes and fees, his net profit was 11.7 million dollars. The winner shared his plans on the use of the unexpectedly appeared fortune. He decided to share part of the money with his family, to give part of it to charity, and to save it for the future.

Hit the Jackpot

This is not the first time that the long-term use of a single set of numbers in the lottery ended with success. A year earlier a woman from Canada won $165,000 Canadian dollars using a similar practice. The 61-year-old woman reported that she had been choosing the same numbers on the tickets for 5 years. She plans to use the prize as a supplement to her pension.

Even earlier, a proven set of numbers brought luck to an American woman from Wyoming. In May 2021, a 47-year-old woman bought a lottery ticket and entered the numbers she had been playing for years. As a result, she became the winner of the drawing and snapped the jackpot of nearly 867 thousand dollars. Her husband was the first to learn about the prize, who checked the results of the last draw with the combination specified by his wife. Now the family plans to spend the money on repairs in the house, payment of bills and vacations.

But these are just a few examples of the greatest winnings. There are many more lucky gamblers, and they are not only from America but also from other parts of the world. That’s why everyone can grab a money prize. The only thing is to prepare for the game, understand what limits you have, place your first bet, and wait when your time comes.

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