I will explain here what the term “odds” means in betting. They are the fixed odds of an event, basically it is the probability of an outcome, calculated by the bookmaker, which also influences the amount of the prize to be paid.

The greater the chance of a team winning, for example, the lower your odds. Why is that? Precisely so that the operator does not have a loss.

The higher odds are usually on the victory of the underdog, that team with less chance of turning the score.

Let’s take as an example a match between Corinthians (1.95) and Bahia (3.7) for Brasileirão 2019.

At that time, even if the team from São Paulo was in a bad phase, facing crises like changing coaches, injured starters and all imaginable problems, it would have a big advantage over Bahia. The bookmakers know that.

Therefore, the odds of the probable champion pay less (1.95 per real bet), because there is little risk in investment.

At the same time, anyone who thinks that Bahia could be in their lucky day would make a risky bet, and as a consequence, would compete for a high prize (3.7 per real bet).

There was also, at the time, the draw bet, which, for being more likely than Bahia’s victory, paid 3.1.

We have a betting guide, in case you want to know more about it, in detail.

Odds format

betting odds

There are 3 types of odds display and they correspond to each other. The most common way of viewing fixed odds is the European standard. Understand how the odds of each format work: 

Decimal or European: it is very simple to understand, because just multiply the value of the bet by the decimal number to know the equivalent to the prize. Odds of 1.80 = Premium of $ 1.80 per $ 1 invested and profit of $ 0.80

Fractional: shows the return value by the amount bet. In other words, odds of 2/9 represent a profit of $2 per $9 bet

American: are more common in events of basketball, boxing and American football. They can be negative or positive odds. Odds of -450 mean that if you place a $450 bet, you will receive a $100 profit. In positive odds, the opposite occurs. At +450, you only need to bet $100 to receive $450.

Best football odds: how to get them

There are some strategies that serve to enhance your bets and get the best football odds.

Use the Betfair exchange, which allows you to bet against or in favour of a result. It is more flexible than the Sportsbook platform, since the players bet against you.

Use enhanced odds promotions, common on popular leagues such as the Brasileirão, our flagship tournament, and events that attract public attention such as derbies.

Place multi-selection bets. The share of the ticket will correspond to the odds of each event, multiplied together.

If it is clear who is the underdog and who is the favourite, look for markets other than 1×2. Bet on the number of corners, yellow cards and other variations that guarantee higher odds.

Use the handicap to give an advantage or disadvantage to your team, thus ensuring greater balance between the teams and generating increased odds on the ticket.

Which bookmakers have the best odds?


Some sites often have odds so high that they approach or even exceed the increased odds.

This happens because of different business strategies.

While some houses offer many bonuses and promotions, taking that money from the odds, others, like Pinnacle, do not have any kind of promotion, but pay well the players.

And there are sites that combine bonuses and high quotas, like 1xBet. It wants to win on the amount of users betting on its site and is aimed at all kinds of bettor profiles.

Whether you are a beginner, who wants to take advantage of bonuses, or one that takes things more seriously and analyzes odds by odds before choosing where to place your bet.

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